Schedule Your Initial On-Site Consultation

Prior to our initial meeting we will ask you some questions about your project intentions so that we can best understand your goals and make sure we are prepared for our meeting.  When we meet on site, we will start by listening to your goals and project constraints as we walk the space.  As the conversation goes on, we will provide feedback and opinions based on your space and the goals you are trying to reach.  At the end of the consultation, we will explain the next steps and what to expect regarding timelines, budgets, projections, etc. based on the conversation we just had.

Design & Timelines

After our initial meeting we will work on creating a design that gets you the home that you are envisioning within your project parameters.  Once complete we will review it with you and discuss any changes you may want to make.  Once we have the final design that you have approved, we will work on firming up construction costs and timelines for the project.

Complete Your Project

Once all the front-end planning and logistics have been completed, we will get our team and our trade partners scheduled to complete your project and transform your home into the vision you had when you first reached out to us. During the project you can expect routine updates from our team.

Get Started Now and Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Tackling a project as a homeowner can be a daunting task at times.  It’s hard to know really what you want, what your budget will allow (or not allow) you to do and what company you can trust with your hard earned money.  Most projects are a significant investment into your home.  Your home is where you entertain, grow, rest and recharge.  Creating the home you have always envisioned can be a little overwhelming.  We totally get it!  The size of some projects along with an unfamiliarity with the process can seem exorbitant.  We have structured our process to be well focused on proper planning.  Thorough discussions at the front end make the process smooth and the expectations clear for both of us.

This may be your first and only project or it may be the first of many future projects.  These projects are what we do every day.  We are here to help you, just like we have helped hundreds of other homeowners transform their everyday space.


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